Features & Benefits
Features Benefits
Online and real-time inventory by each store or all stores.
  • Control the entire company's inventory in a single server.
  • Access the system via Internet.
  • Replicate Data Bank anytime: day or night.
  • Real-time integration with the entire system.
  • Global and detail inventory.
Cash Register
  • Track differences in the Cash Registers.
  • Analyze Cash Register Totals by Systems, by Post Dated, By Reconcile and By Average Sales.
  • Compare periods of Sales History of the movement of the cash.
  • Register (Sales, deposits, Petty Cash, differences).
  • Search Discounts by Percentage or Dollar Amount.
  • Recall past sales ticket by Barcode, Model #, Customer name, and date.
Total Sales Grouping by Zip Code
  • Show regions where customers reside. Display quantity of invoices and profit for the diverse regions.
Invoices Open & Holds
  • Analyze what type of payment is more used by the customers.
  • Invoice History. See all detailed invoices (who bought, who sold, discounts, etc).
  • Fast way to merge invoices for one single pay.
  • Apply discount by line or total transaction.
  • Reprint Invoices.
  • Visualize open layaway and holds.
  • Determine what time of day and day of week has the biggest volume of customers in the store.
  • Show increase or reduction of employees, cash register, salesperson, etc., based on graphs.
Best Sellers
  • Learn the best and worst sale items.
  • Analyze cash results or percentage profit.
  • Analyze Accumulated Profit by item, print, or export.
Customer Mailing Labels
  • Personalize labels for direct mail.
Sales Profits by Year / Month / Day
  • See profits by percentage or dollar amount.
  • Compare profits between periods.
Graphic - Sales per Hour
  • Track which hour in the day has the biggest money turns in the store (helps to know when to increase security and transfer money).
Graphic - Monthly Sales
  • Compare monthly sales with previous periods by year and month.
Graphic - Profit per Category
  • Compare categories that generate larger or smaller profit in determined periods.
Cash Flow Chart
  • Monthly results for one or all of the stores.
Break Even
  • Gives the monthly break-even point. Includes all expenses, operational costs, and merchandise cost.
  • Easily tracks layaway.
  • Manages multiple layaways for each customer.
  • Organizes payment schedules and calculates future income.
  • Provides fast search for customers' layaway by name or number.
Advertising Media
  • Track media for most effective customer attraction.
  • Track media for most effective profit generation.
  • Track categories for advertising impact.
  • Track media for effective by store or location.
  • Analyze media results by period for all the stores.
  • Allows easy media data entry for all sales for future analysis.
Travel Agency
  • Shows print Agency & Agent Invoices by Date.
  • Gets fast calculation of Total Sales by Agency or Tour Guide.
  • Organizes Agents' Results (grouped by Agency).
  • Provide Management Reports for Agency and Tour Guide commissions.
Purchases & Price Quotes
  • Analyzes all the purchases made in any specific period by when queried, by salesperson, or by PO number.
  • Prevents redundant purchases through transferences between stores.
  • Sends Price Quote to unlimited vendors by E-mail or Fax.
  • Analyzes the lowest price with simple spreadsheets.
  • Automatically creates Purchase Orders.
  • Automatically allows others to receive quote by E-mail (or Fax) with the current best prices flashing on-screen.
Back Order by Vendor and/or PO
  • See all Back Orders that have not arrived in the store.
  • Track open orders.
  • Send PO to Vendor by Email or Fax.
  • Organize PO with simple grid.
  • Implement rapid processes for Purchase Orders and Budgets.
  • Create a PO from Systems Ordering or a manual salesperson request.
  • List all purchases on a single Purchase Order, obtaining better price.
  • Automate Price Updates from new costs.
  • Organize Multiple Stores with a single PO.
  • Generate Service Orders by System or by Salesperson.
Marketing / Customer Purchase History
  • Lists all customers who buy a specific product, and send an email to them with the arrival of new merchandise.
All activities linked in Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Profits, purchases, sales, accounts payable and receivable, and interactive.
Movement History
  • Displays history for all merchandise transactions that took place among stores.
Track Sales History
  • Analyze Sales Profits during for any specific time period.
  • Display prices that were changed by item, by category, or by entire inventory.
Inventory Repair
  • Better control of defective merchandise.
  • Rapid analysis of the turn of money in order to prevent losses.
  • Send, Returns Repaired, or Credit on the same transaction.
  • Credit on defective merchandise linked with Office Manager.
Size & Color matrix
  • Easy creation of size and color detail.
  • Allows individual item pricing.
  • Uses matrix to create default barcode for each size and color item.
  • Quickly updates quantity status for item.
Inventory Maintenance
  • ABC Inventory Classification.
  • Automatic Purchase Order based on ABC Classification.
  • Tracks Average and Cost prices.
  • Unlimited levels of promotional price for each product.
  • Exports inventory to Text, Spreadsheet, HTML, or XML files.
  • Fast grouping and searching of inventory items.
  • Track inventory history.
  • Display all purchase history for a specific item.
  • Track Serial Numbers.
  • Automatically creates barcodes for merchandise.
  • Customizes barcode reports.
  • Supports multiple barcodes for single items.
Special Sales Promotions
  • Allows you to eliminate slow items and speed sales, e.g., a person who buys a certain product receives free perfume or one item for $2.00, three for $4.99, etc.
Kit sales
  • Controls the items that go into the basket IN & OUT of the inventory.
  • Calculates how many basket you can make with the actual inventory.
  • Check what items are missing and how many, to make to make "X" number of baskets.
Physical Inventory
  • Saves actual Inventory before counting physical Inventory for later comparison between old and new.
  • Zeros all quantity: speeds the process of inventory count.
  • Compares differences on Inventory.
  • Adjusts Inventory up and down.
  • Has random inventory counting every day suggested by the Systems.
  • Exports to a Spreadsheet, Text, HTML, or XML files.
Aged Inventory by Date
  • Shows the merchandise that has been on the shelf for a long period of time.
  • Control all the commissioners of the company in a simple way.
  • Monitor all activities, including employee commissions: they are logged in the ledger.
  • Establish commissions for Profit or Total Sales.
  • Establish commissions by Target Sales.
Integrated System
  • Integrated General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable History.
  • Browser (Internet Explorer).
Export and Import
  • Export and import Vendors, Customers, Employee, etc., to QuickBooks and Peachtree.
  • Export bank account transaction to QuickBooks, Quicken, MS Money, or Peachtree.
  • Account transaction History.
  • Export to a Spreadsheet, Text, HTML, or XML file.
Time Clock
  • Fast management of the hours of each employee.
  • Employees easily log in and out of user-definable work functions.
  • Computer totals daily break time and deducts excess from pay.
  • Full report of clerical activities.
  • Each employee will have different levels of access to the system.
  • Multiple password protection levels.
  • Track who made changes and when.
Parametric System
  • All the rules used in the system are created by the owner of the company.
  • Tax sales by Category or Department.
  • Non-taxable status by line item.
  • Simple and complex tax support.
  • Help screen and tutorial help (How To).
  • Create short cuts.
  • English, Spanish, and Portuguese languages.
  • Change screen color.
  • Change menu name, image, and color background.


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