Main Retail point of sale software.

Cesar Pinto, the creator of MainRetail, a powerful retail point of sale software system, spent 25 years in the retail business. He also spent 14 years working with computer programs while he was in the retail business. During these productive years, he tried many types of POS software programs, but was never satisfied with the managerial results. "All the programs I bought," he says, "only had IN and OUT inventory, or were not easy or economical to use." And that led to the development of MainRetail POS.

Search for expert retail software system results in creating a new business

Pinto wanted an strong, integrated program that successfully analyzed and managed inventory, employee data, advertising data, trends, etc. Extensive research proved that the only good retail point of sale software was created for very large retail companies and had very large price tags. He fully understood the need for medium to large companies to have powerful retail management software. So, in 1995, Pinto set out to develop his own retail system.

This includes such features as:

  • Customer tracking
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Break even point
  • Simple and complex tax support
  • Online connection or Data Bank Replication
  • Custom report on best sellers, layaway items, back orders, customer purchase history, movement history
  • Comprehensive advertising result statistics
  • Ability to export and import to QuickBooks, Peachtree, etc.
  • And much more!

Why is MainRetail pos software an industry leader?

Pinto believes MainRetail retail point of sale software is an industry leader. "Our retail system is created by a retailer with a retail point of view. Other software is created by programmers for retailers," he says. "There is a distinct difference. Inventory control alone is simple. The importance in terms of net profit comes in terms of managing inventory properly."


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